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Coaxial - RG

Coaxial cables allow distortion-free and low-attenuation transmission of signals with a high bandwidth; High frequencies

Coaxial - RG
ArtikelnummerArticle designationCharacteristic impedance in ohmAttenuation approx. dB/100 m at 200 MHz/400 MHzPropagation rate (%)Test voltage (kV)Internal ØDielectric ØOuter cable sheathOuter diameter (mm)Copper index (kg/km)Weight (kg/km)Basis-
Prijs in EUR* (Basisprijs)  
Protects the cable from damage
2170000 Dokumente RG-58 C/U50 +/- 2 Ω24 / 33665.00.92.95PVC4,9519.138----
2170001 Dokumente RG-174 A/U50 +/- 2 Ω40 / 59662.00.481.52PVC2,85.412----
2170002 Dokumente RG-178 B/U50 +/- 2 Ω63 / 93702.00.30.86FEP1,914.49----
2170003 Dokumente RG-188 A/U50 +/- 2 Ω47 / 56702.00.511.52PTFE2,768.317.5----
2170005 Dokumente RG-213 /U50 +/- 2 Ω10 / 156610.02.257.25PVC10,375.8157----
2170006 Dokumente RG-214 /U50 +/- 2 Ω9 / 146610.02.257.25PVC10,8117.8207----
2170007 Dokumente RG-223 /U50 +/- 2 Ω23 / 34663.00.892.95PVC5,538.560----
Characteristic impedance: 75 ohm
2170016 Dokumente RG-6 A/U75 +/- 3 Ω14 / 20665.00.724.7PVC8,472.0120----
2170009 Dokumente RG-11 A/U75 +/- 3 Ω11 / 166610.01.27.3PVC10,355.5140----
2170011 Dokumente RG-11 A/U outdoor75 +/- 3 Ω11 / 166610.01.27.3PVC12,155.5170----
2170012 Dokumente RG-59 B/U75 +/- 3 Ω16.5/23667.00.63.7PVC6,1525.057----
2170010 Dokumente RG-187 A/U75 +/- 3 Ω47 / 56702.00.311.52PTFE2,87.317----
Characteristic impedance: 100 Ohm
2170008 Dokumente RG-62 A/U93 +/- 5 Ω15 / 19752.00.653.7PVC6,1524.052----

Application range

  • For applications with limited movements and for fixed installation in dry or damp interiors and outdoors
  • For radio and computer systems, as well as all applications related to commercial radio-frequency technology and electronics


  • Coaxial cables allow distortion-free and low-attenuation transmission of signals with a high bandwidth.
  • High frequencies


  • Coaxial cables are significantly less sensitive to external interference due to their structure.

Product features

  • Flame-retardant according to IEC 60332-1-2

Dielectric constant

- Polyethylene (PE) 2.3
- Polyethylene, hollow (PE-ho) 1.5
- Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) 2.1

Minimum bending radius
Fixed installation: 6 x outer diameter

Temperature range
Fixed installation: PE outer sheath:
-40°C to +80°C
Fixed installation: PVC outer sheath:
-40°C to +80°C
Fixed installation: fluoroplastic
-55°C to +250°C

Specifications and approvals
Similar to MIL C-17F

Unless specified otherwise, the shown product values are nominal values. Detailed values (e.g. tolerances) are available upon request.
Copper price basis: EUR 150/100kg. Refer to Appendix T17 for the definition and calculation of copper-related surcharges.
Please find our standard lengths at:
Photographs are not to scale and do not represent detailed images of the respective products.